The woman who taught me strengths

The Woman Who Shaped My Strengths

The woman who taught me strengths in

Who knew strengths ran in the family? To continue our series on female role models during Women’s History Month, we caught up with Kristin Moore, team member of The Strengths Journal, who told us about her incredible mom. Kristin and her mom share many things, even their CliftonStrengths. To learn more about the way Kristin’s mom has helped shape her strengths, check out her story below.

Kristin Moore and her mother Meg Hinkley on a mountain top- talk about strength!

The Strongest Woman I Know

“The woman who has impacted my life most, hands down, is my mom, Meg Hinkley.

My mom teaches women’s self-defense at The Hockaday School in Dallas, facilitates women’s self-defense seminars that have literally saved lives through her business Athena’s Strategies, volunteers for Texas Search and Rescue (TEXSAR), has traveled overseas for mission trips, is a black belt in karate, certified personal trainer, and so much more.

Clearly, my mom is fierce! She is devoted to God, her family, countless friends, and her community with the humble mission of “love your neighbor.”

Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, she is the strongest woman I know.

Like Mother like Daughter

And because we all love CliftonStrengths around here, I am proud to share 8 of the same top 10 Strengths as my mom! They’re in a little different order, and I for sure don’t share her high (& amazing) Command or Competition, but I like to think the best parts of me are from her.

If you know my momma, I’d love for you to show her some love in the comments below! OR comment about your own mom in this post with 3 things you love about her (bonus points if you know her Strengths!)”

We love hearing about the women who have made an impact in your life! If you have a woman (mom, sister, boss, coworker, etc.) whose story you’d like to share with us, email us at or connect with us on social media!

Comments ( 4 )

Karen Proctor

Meg Hinkley is someone that is delightful to know, and a pleasure to spend time with. She focuses on the positive, and has a great store of wisdom, compassion, knowledge, and experience. She thinks outside the box, and seeks out challenging experiences that stretch her, and seems not to be afraid of anything. I truly admire her, and love to hear her tell a story. I am so privileged to know Meg.

    Kristin Moore

    Thank you so much for sharing these kind words about Meg with us!

Rene’ Watten

3 things I love about Meg Hinkley
1. She’s real. I know I can count on her to be vulnerable and a safe person to share my sadness, happiness… or fears.
2. She loves the Lord and is willing to help in times of need but she doesn’t pretend to have all the answers or that she is perfect. One of her best traits!
3. She is a hard worker in her family, her physical health and her mental health. She’s willing to find who can help her to accomplish what she needs to get done and isn’t too proud to listen to wise council.
I am so grateful to be her friend!

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