The Strengths Journal™ - Hardcover

The Strengths Journal™ is a convenient 6” x 9” casebound linen covered planner focused on 16 weeks that offers tools that help you with:
• A CliftonStrengths® oriented approach to planning
• Focus on your purpose
• Prioritizes each day based on your outcomes and your “Why”
• Create a daily intention of three top accomplishments for the day
• Fill-in calendar planning based on your needs
• Develop habit of daily reflection and gratitude
• Weekly review
• CliftonStrengths resources

How does The Strengths Journal work?

The Strengths Journal is designed to complement the CliftonStrengths assessment. (New to CliftonStrengths? Find out more.) When you know your unique strengths, the Strengths Journal will help you to apply your top 5 or top 10 as you plan out your days. The journal comes packed with worksheets and additional resources to guide your progress.


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