Guest blog featuring Natalie Mendez

This One is for the Planner

Guest blog featuring Natalie Mendez in
Natalie Mendez, Life and Leadership Coach
Written by Natalie Mendez

I love planning.  

I find joy in anticipating the future and setting goals full of possibilities. Writing my goals down on the fresh, clean pages of a new planner has always represented hope and opportunity to me; anything is possible on those pages. 

But maybe you’ve struggled like I have—after my goals would fill those fresh pages, that’s when I would hit a wall. I started to stall on actually taking action towards those goals. Even with the steps clearly defined, I would struggle to execute or move forward. 

A combination of overwhelm, doubt, and even laziness would set in, and my once-beloved planner would become nothing more than a pretty book to track my many thoughts throughout the day. 

Applying my Strengths to my planner

Fast forward several years to my first experience with Strengths and the enormous understanding and awareness that came with digging into my assessment results. Of course, it was no surprise that I led with the Strategic Thinking domain.  All that planning (Learner #1, Input #3), thinking (Intellection #5), and dreaming (Futuristic #10) fueled me and felt natural and comfortable. My report’s insights explained so much and helped me understand why I often struggled to start (Activator #25) or finish (Achiever #22) my goals. With some great coaching and support, I learned how to work with what came naturally to me to reach my goals and succeed!

My love for planners and passion for applying my Strengths brought me to The Strengths Journal

With The Strengths Journal, I get to enjoy the excitement of sitting down with a fresh journal to plan my day. The pages are still a daily reminder of possibilities, but now they also include a plan to succeed by applying my Strengths. 

When I select one priority for the day, I gain clarity and create momentum rather than overwhelm or confusion.  I reflect on past success and consider how my dominant Strengths like Input and Futuristic can energize me while Self-Assurance (#7) guides my decisions.  

The Strengths Journal gives me a place to think about approaching my goals and using my unique talents to create success!

-Natalie Mendez

Life and Leadership Coach at Natalie Mendez Coaching

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