Earth Day tips with Gardenuity

Earth Day: How to Live a Little Greener

Earth Day tips with Gardenuity in

Happy Earth Day! Today is a great opportunity to get outdoors and appreciate the beautiful planet that we live on. Earth Day also reminds us of the environmental crises that we can help render and resolve with simple changes. That’s why we teamed up with Gardenuity to share information about how you can help our environment.

You can start a greener community by doing something as small as having a conversation, or something as big as starting a community garden. Be the one to plant the seed.

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Greener Changes for Earth Day (and beyond!)

Living a more sustainable life doesn’t have to mean making big changes. Our friends at Gardenuity stress the small steps when starting to lead a more sustainable life. With small changes like consuming less meat, carpooling with friends, riding your bike, and taking shorter showers, you can be on your way to greener living. Growing your own garden is another great way to reduce your environmental impact. If you want help starting your own garden, check out Gardenuity’s garden kits here.

Another way to make an impact is to be an environmental advocate in your community. If you see practices in your community that are not environmentally friendly, raise awareness of these issues and start a committee to address them. Something as simple as starting a neighborhood group to pick up litter can have a lasting impact on your community!

Simple Steps to Follow

  1. Audit your everyday practices- what habits can you stop to be greener?
  2. If there is a greener alternative, take it! (EX: Could I bike there instead of driving?)
  3. Start conversations- they make a difference!

Start living greener today!

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