Are you thriving? Why most self-help advice doesn't actually help

Are You Thriving?

Are you thriving? Why most self-help advice doesn't actually help in

You are your most important asset. And you deserve to be thriving, not just surviving.

But only you can choose to feel happier and healthier in your skin. And you can only be, you

Gallup believes people thrive when cultivating well-being in 5 key areas of life: Social, Community, Financial, Physical, and Career. 

You can read all the self-help articles in the world and still feel stuck trying to improve in these areas. 


Because someone else’s strategies are based on what worked for them. Their approach works for their unique Strengths…not yours. Change only lasts when we approach it authentically. 

Start thriving by improving your well-being in the 5 key areas through your Strengths.

Here’s ideas for some of the CliftonStrengths to get you started.

What resonates with you? 

Social & Community: When does belonging feel authentic to you? 

  • Achiever: Can you set a shared goal with a friend? Or volunteer together safely to accomplish something good for others?
  • Relator: How does meeting up with a friend at an outdoor patio sound? Connecting face-to-face may energize you in ways a video meeting can’t.

Physical: Can your Strengths inspire just one simple change in a key area of health? 

  • Communication: Gallup’s Well-Being book states that just 20 minutes of exercise can improve your mood for hours afterward. Instead of sitting when you call friends and family this week, could you walk and talk? 
  • Discipline: Getting enough sleep is vital for metabolism, thyroid, and mental/cognitive health. Can you tweak your sleep routine by limiting screen time? Maybe start getting ready for sleep just one hour earlier? Design a nightly routine that works for you!

Financial: How could you approach your finances differently based on your Strengths? 

  • Learner: Did you know there are endless free learning events around finances on Gain momentum in your finances by learning new strategies. 
  • Maximizer: Go through last month’s statement to determine if there are any subscriptions or recurring charges that could be canceled. Make the most of your money.

Career: There are so many ways to approach a task. What could be different? 

  • Adaptability: Try blocking an hour for different tasks throughout the day, instead of trying to focus on one area for hours on end. 
  • Ideation: How can you gain new inspiration from others’ ideas? Try hosting a conversation on Clubhouse

Keep it simple by picking just one goal in each of the 5 areas based on your Strengths. Turn down the self-help noise and make lasting change by staying true to you. 

Dana Williams- Gallup coach helping you thrive

Searching for support? The Strengths Journal guides you every step of the way in making small, daily changes for big impact. And find support for the journey through 1:1 and group coaching

You are here for a purpose. You are uniquely talented. You are capable of change in your life. 

And you deserve to be thriving.

Dana Williams  

Your Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

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