Dana Williams

Dana’s expertise ranges from Strategic Marketing Advisor, CliftonStrengths Certified Coach, leadership development, living with purpose, and all things travel. Dana’s industry experience comes from her 25 years at Southwest Airlines in leadership in areas of operations and brand marketing. In this role, Dana led marketing teams through two acquisitions, launched over 30 new destinations, and contributed to several iconic branding moments. Dana has a passion for guiding people to impact the world by focusing on their unique talents which led her to create Dana Williams Co., a consulting company, that exists to build tools and experiences helping leaders live in their purpose. In addition, she is the creator of The Strengths Journal™, a daily planning journal to help leaders live in their strengths and dominate their day. Dana is one of a triad family of entrepreneurs with both her husband and daughter having successful startups. In her free time, she and her husband facilitate small groups for married couples, hang out with family and friends, and plan trips to travel the world in search of the best beaches.


Dana’s Top 5 Strengths:






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